Moving Your Christmas Tree & Decorations

Great tips on moving your Christmas tree & decorations!

The holiday season has already begun. This month always makes me smile. Everyone is in holiday mode! While I want to write all about the fun holiday customs and such, I must remember that this blog is for my moving customers. I will implement Christmas into my moving blog by telling you all how to move your Christmas tree & decorations.

Let’s start with your tree. The easiest way to move your tree safely is to purchase a tree bag (no, I’m not kidding- it’s a real thing!)

That should take care of that!

Next we have the (sometimes very fragile) Christmas decorations. With the lights and ornaments, you must be careful and pack them wisely. Small ornaments can be packed into empty egg cartons- they will stay safe and can be stored easily by stacking them one on top of the other. Place the hooks into a zip lock bag and tape them to the egg carton so you don’t lose them. Larger ornaments like the angel tree topper, should be wrapped in soft acid-free tissue paper. Be generous with the tissue paper to ensure that they’re very well padded and protected. After they’re wrapped in tissue paper, place them into partitioned wine boxes to keep them

Wrap your lights carefully so they don’t get tangled- the last thing you want is to have to trash your tangled Christmas lights.

Follow these easy steps and you should have no problems moving your Christmas tree & decorations! Good luck!

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